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International studies predict that by 2050 about 70% of the world population will live in towns and cities. With such rapid development of technologies, intelligent solutions for transport, health care, education and residential areas are becoming increasingly important.

Hungarian expertise is recognised and sought-after worldwide, our services are competitive and of high quality. Hungarian entrepreneurs are offering forward-looking, innovative solutions that are able to help newly built regions, cities and urban areas, or those involved in rehabilitation, to respond to technical, environmental and social challenges of urban planning.

Smart City services are highly complex and basically concern all sectors.  Accordingly, the Hungarian National Trading House proposes special multisectoral packages to its foreign partners.

For our thematic package proposals entitled “Build the City” and “Safe City” we pick a selection of 10-12 competitive Hungarian products, services and technologies that complement each other and together provide our foreign partners with unique solutions to implement efficiently urban development projects related to infrastructure or security.

The Hungarian National Trading House has compiled a multisectoral package proposal encompassing specific vehicles, intelligent traffic lights and passenger information systems that had been proposed for complex investment projects aimed at the development of public transports in Belgrade. 

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