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With a net turnover of about EUR 10 billion, the ICT sector is one of the sectors creating the highest added value in Hungary.  The sector is in continuous and dynamic evolution, as evidenced by the high number of innovative companies that have sprung up in recent years and the proportion of fast-growing software and services exports.

Hungarian professionals are highly qualified and benefit from unparalleled and competitive knowledge which is very much in demand and recognised around the world. Beside the human element, ICT companies operating in Hungary are characterised by fast development and above average added value, which also contributes to the competitiveness of Hungarian businesses.

Innovative start-ups provide an increasingly significant proportion of the ICT industry, and Hungary pays particular attention to fostering their global market successes, be it by market introduction, product development, mentoring or expanding their international connections.

Within the Hungarian national economy, ICT is one of the sectors with the best prospects in terms of growth and increased competitiveness. Hungary, therefore, focuses greatly on the development of digital infrastructures – from population registers, e-health care, mobile parking to toll road and passenger information systems, and also including ICT solutions for intelligent city developments, the promotion of electronic access to the widest range possible of public services, and digital systems related to traffic, agriculture and tendering.

ICT solutions used in public administration in Hungary could easily compete anywhere in the world, contributing to citizens’ quality of life, facilitating administrative processes, and increasing budgetary revenue and the efficiency of public administration.

Considering the ICT industry’s global market reach, Hungarian companies can export anywhere in the world. Exports are currently dominated by the European Union, but many other countries are providing favourable business conditions for Hungarian companies.

Products and services produced by the Hungarian ICT industry are widely sought after in external markets.  In Vietnam, for instance, Hungarian companies are working on the roll-out of an electronic system of population register.

For an introduction to Hungarian ICT company profiles please consult the Hungarian ICT Export Directory online platform.

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