Cultural and Creative Industries

Hungarian cultural and creative industries are showing signs of vigorous growth, representing high added value and significant economic potential.  The industries, which have been registering growing international interest in recent years, provide 5% of employment and 4% of Hungary’s total GDP, while some forecasts predict a yearly growth of two to three times the average within the entire Hungarian economy.

This constantly expanding sector plays a key role in the global economy, and for Hungarian entrepreneurs who operate in these industries carries enormous potential, mainly in respect of areas dominated by the world market such as product design, graphic or fashion design.

The objective of the Hungarian National Trading House is to assist, through its own connections, the players of the cultural and creative industries on the path to appropriate international presence such as at trade shows that are relevant for the profession globally, or special trade promotional events.

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MNKH Hungarian National Trading House Cls.

Ipar Street 5, 1095 Budapest, Hungary
(Down Town Office Building)

Phone: +36 1 810-1600
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Email: info ( kukac ) tradehouse ( pont ) hu

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