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Agriculture in Hungary, due to the country’s favourable landscape and climate and the cutting-edge technologies applied, is among the best in the world. As a consequence, international interest for Hungarian products and services is significant and continuous. Outstanding quality corresponding to the rigorous control requirements, GMO-free agricultural production, state-of-the-art procedures and technologies, customised and localised solutions along with high levels of technical expertise all translate into great competitive advantage on foreign trade markets for Hungarian companies.

There is great demand worldwide for Hungarian dairy, meat and confectionery products, as well as honey, fresh and dried fruit, flours, pastas, spices and oils, various canned foods, medicinal plants, nutritional supplements, mineral water, soft drinks and frozen food.

As regards technologies related to agriculture and the food industry, Hungarian enterprises offer modern, competitive solutions, whether it concerns integrated systems of agricultural corporate governance and process management, robotics, imaging and detection tools, drones and sensors, processing technologies or agricultural IT solutions – their use contributes to significant increases in agricultural efficiency and output.

Competitive agricultural and food products and technologies are widely available in Hungary, which means that we can offer comprehensive, integrated solution packages to international market demand. These include agricultural IT solutions for greater efficiency in soil use, but also fertilizers and seeds of appropriate quality, and specific watering, harvesting and processing technologies.

The Hungarian National Trading House has provided competitive technological solutions and Hungarian agricultural and food products to its foreign partners on many occasions. As for technologies, to Cambodia, Russia, the province of Vojvodina in Serbia, Montenegro in the field of the processing industry and agricultural IT, among others, and products to South Korea and Macedonia.  

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